Firma Adı İletişim Konum
Strada digului no. 40 / Arges / Pitesti / ROMANIA
İletişim: +40 724 166 166
Salon: 12A
Stant: 1289 A
Ürün Grupları
  • Duz Cam
  • Lamine Cam
  • Yalitim ve Isi Kontrol Camlari
  • Cam Ayna
  • insaat Sektorunde Cam Uygulamalari

At Adiglass we use only end of the line high tech equipment, being able to transform your flat glass design in something spectacular and reliable. We our extension of our group partner Arian Glass a company with over 20 years of experience in IGU manufacturing, Aluminium and uPVC windows and doors manufacturing as well as glass processing. We developed Adiglass Energy as a separate department which solely focuses on glass related products. We also decided to reinvent our production line and include top of the line technology as well as a new manufacturing plant which dedicates to IGU production.

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