Firma Adı İletişim Konum
No.6, Yuahshi St, Dajhou Village,Pingtung City 90093 Taiwan R.O.C. / / Pingtung / TAIWAN
İletişim: +886 8 755 6631
Salon: 11
Stant: 1112C
Ürün Grupları
  • Dekorasyon ve Mimari Amaçlı Cam Ürünleri
  • shower door hardware , glass door hardware

Gang Gwo Industrial Co., Ltd. established in 1983 is a leading manufacturer specialized in commercial and residential Door Window Hardware and in OEM/ODM for Industrial Parts of Die-Casting, forging, machining and much more. As a commitment to long-term operations, we continually refine and check our progress for High Quality Products and New Design. Our dedicated team of engineers, production specialists, and administrative staff provides the finest quality door/window hardware available on the market. We pride ourselves on our expertise in producing customized products. Through OEM and ODM production and assembly, you are assured of designs that will meet your exact specifications, innovative ideas in manufacturing that will give your products an essential market edge. Our outstanding quality and service have earned us ISO9001 certification. We supply products and components to some leading companies in the world who have some of the highest quality and service requirements in the marketplace. We have a wide range of products and various surface finishes. We’re also responsible for each step from start to finish including the purchase of raw material, forming, processing, surface finish and assembly. That’s why we ensure to our customers the top quality, the best service, efficient delivery, and reasonable prices. Our policy is Top Quality, Best Service, Research and Innovation for Long-term Operation . We believe this spirit of enterprise and responsibility brings our manufacture to perfection. We’re ready to meet the worldwide customers’ demands, if you’re looking for a good supplier of door window hardware or die casting machining industrial parts, do trust us, Gang Gwo is always your best choice.


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